#12 Musings

Part 1

The start of this story begins at night, like so many that went before. But I digress, my name is Charlie and what I saw outside my first story living room apartment window, changed me forever. Even just talking about it gives me shivers down the spine, and I'm back on that fateful night pulling apart the blinds.

I was just sitting there watching some grungy horror on one of the hundreds of streaming services that are now available. I hear something, maybe a scream but more dull than that off to the park that sits opposite my apartment window. It's got poor lighting, you know, one of those parks that you love during a summers day but wouldn't walk through at night even though it does shave 10 minutes off your trip. Anyway, I pull apart the blinds and take a look and see something in the menacingly glowing park lights that shine down across the paths. I'm so engrossed I don't even notice my partner tap me on the shoulder. I'm not ashamed to say I screamed, and snap back. In the process I scare her half to death. My heart rate skyrockets and my chest is heaving.

She says wryly "Sorry baby but what's happening?".

Before I can answer, I finally hear sirens in the distance, with dim red and blue flashing lights getting closer and closer.

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