#11 Musings

I consider myself to be very technologically minded. I have conducted academic research into the social impacts of technology use specifically in the smart tech space, I have run a computer repair business, sold technology in a large format retail store. I also consider myself a programmer as I am proficient in R as well as currently upskilling in web development (HTML + CSS + Javescript). I just create this Star Wars Planet Generator from scratch (Link).

I pride myself on being able to learn new software very quickly, which is a major bonus when it comes to actually learning on the job.

To that effect I run my own email that is to say, I run both a personal and professional domain through ProtonMail. I used to use Google's own paid offering but due to concerns around privacy I made the move. Protonmail is an excellent product, that you can use for free with their domain but their pricing is very reasonable.

While I have moved all of my email needs, both personal and professional, over to ProtonMail. Unfortunately, the calendar is missing some key features that I require (your mileage may vary). I share my calender with my partner so that she can at a glance know if I am busy on any giving day for anything. ProtonCalender is missing either a sharing functionality, so inviting another person to be able to view your calendar. This would be preferable but even if that wasn't possible due to privacy first architecture involved, I would need to be able to send an invite to another person so that they can add it to their calender. Their Twitter account is saying that a calender mobile app and invites are going to be broadly towards the end of 2020, and fingers crossed that is the case.

Those missing requirements do not detract from the quality of their product and I would still highly recommend giving it a go. Certainly, the piece of mind that zero-access encryption brings makes up for any percIeved shortfalls.

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