#136 Musings

Was a good lesson today with GA, didn't learn heaps but some really good small tips.

Some major microphone issues, looks to be related to a pop-os update. Following this guide seemed to fix it. Lets hope that it doesn't happen during class again. I will just change to my phone and be done with it next time.

This is the guide from system76.

Reset PulseAudio
If the system is not playing audio, first try restarting the PulseAudio daemon:

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

After restarting the daemon, applications may need to be restarted to re-connect to PulseAudio. If the system still isn’t playing sound, then try removing the user configuration files for PulseAudio:

rm -r ~/.config/pulse

Then, kill all instances of PulseAudio:

pulseaudio -k

When PulseAudio starts again (which it should do automatically), it will create new configuration files.

Some major stomach issues maybe dinner. Not sure. Weird.

Till next time,


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