#117 Musings

So I am signing up for a General Assembly course for front-end development.

One major reason is the networking aspect of it, and the reputational gain from doing the course as opposed to pure self learning.

It is on the expensive side but at least I have anecdotal evidence from alumni that suggest job hunting is easier with the certificate as opposed to not having one. Add to that the networking side of things well it's a no brainer at least at this stage.

Still debating about football season this year. Looking unlikely that Loko will be a go ahead. Something just doesn't feel right. Not sure what exactly it is but feeling way more comfortable with the gymea team.

I'm still leaning towards going back to refereeing but still unsure as to the the way forward. Oh well whatever decision I reach, it won't be bad.

Linux is still going well. Pop!-OS is still enjoyable. Have not missed Windows really. Other than nearly breaking my entire system, eh it's going well.

Looks like Nativefier is stopping active development, which is a bummer. Also looks like Google has banned support for this type of electron wrapper. So that makes it semi-useless for YoutubeMusic etc.

Eh we shall see how it turns out,


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