#112 Musings

I have decided to create a personal wiki hosted at app.digitialocean.com via github and hugo.

The address is https://wiki.transcendingdigital.space.

It's a massive work in progress but I thought having a public facing repository of the solutions i've found would be very useful for me. Keeping me in honest in actually getting it down but also making sure that I understand what I am writing as opposed to just copy-pasting it.

It's free and looks quite good, uses markdown which I love. I am tempted to move my personal site https://transcendingdigital.space to hugo and DigitalOcean apps as well. Save myself close to aud$10 a month. I am already hosting my starwars site there.

I do like ghost but as cms it is bulky compared to hugo. Where I can write a markdown post and push it via git to be deployed instantly. Ghost does use markdown but it's own flavour missing some the more interesting things markdown is capable of.

Considering it was for my phd, and now that is definitely over. A fresh start wouldn't hurt anyone.

till next time,


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