#111 Musings

One of the bonuses of moving to linux is the way that ssh and server auth works. Makes my life super easy with administering the servers I run.

I am starting up a wiki of sorts. To chronicle some of solutions I have found to the problems I encountered. This will work as both a cv of sorts as I am planning to use the free github pages and git to run it. I like it because it uses jekyll which amongst other things uses markdown (like StandardNotes). Having a few issues surrounding the aesthetic and themes but overall it seems to work well and will be easy to push updates to via git.

If it doesn't work i can always go back to the DigitalOcean apps platform and pure HTML, CSS and JS. Now it will be a bit more work to update but easier up front. Whereas this Jekyll system is more work up front but less work to update. Don't want to waste too much time on Jekyll so I'll give it a bit and move on if it isn't working.

The ability to just create a markdown doc with the relevant details and push it via git to github-pages where it is automatically updated is quite awesome.

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