#105 Musings

Pop-OS 20.10 is going well though still I am massively surprised at how bad the screenshotting situation is on Linux.

I am currently using Screencloud and it's all right. Have a few issues with uploading but that's par for the course on any Linux distro even Pop-OS.

I think the screenshotting issues probably have something do with the way that the displays are rendered.

Maybe I have to learn it and do it myself. Certainly seems to be a market for a nice screenshotting tool. I'll do some research to see what technology stack is required and if I have the power to learn it.

That actually might be a good way of keeping me on Linux. I do find it nice to use.

Finished The Hardy Boys (2020) and it's all right. Weird age casting aside it's a solid if pedestrian tv show. Nothing especially surprising happens or more accurately the so-called twist isn't that big of a shock.

It did certainly have the feel of being rushed towards the end. So maybe some pacing issues. Acting was good, if not exactly outstanding.

It is set in an undetermined era harkening to I want to say the 70s, maybe. It's a direct contrast to how the recent Nancy Drew adaptation went modern. I feel like it might've helped if it was set in "modern" times or at least after the age of mobile phones.

All in all, I wouldn't go out of my way to watch but if you need something inoffensive with some interesting moments, go for it.

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