#104 Musings

Productive day. Got up at the unusual time of 04:30 with my partner. Drove her to work and then stayed up. Cleaned, tidied and washed clothes so that she has them ready for work.

Went to the football match Sydney FC v Wellington Phoenix. We won 2-1 so that was a bonus. One of Sydney's strikers who just came back from a ACL knee injury seemed to do it again on the other knee and had to be stretchered off. Never a good sign. Wish him a speedy recovery and hope that it isn't as serious as first thought.

My move to Pop-OS 20.10 has been fairly successful. The only thing that is missing is a sharex alternative so I can automatically upload to my Nextcloud instance and copy the share URL to the clipboard. It is such a massive feature.

I am content with doing it manually though for the time being. Maybe I can see if I can do something to make it a reality for linux? We shall see.

Currently rewatching The Mentalist with Simon Baker and truly it is an awesome show. Really hits all of my spots, with this busy period my partner is going through it's good to have a show that she can fall asleep and not worry about it.

Till next time,


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