#94 Musings

Man the latest episode of WandaVision was very good. It answers some real questions that you would've had. Introduces a whole lot more.

Getting excited to see where Marvel and Disney take this story.

Whatever Nextcloud has done in the more recent 20 releases has made updating a much better experience. Before it was really a toss up whether it would actually work or not. Now it seems to go through quickly and easily. We shall see how it does in future iterations.

Having said that 20.06 does seem to have some perfomance issues. I wonder whether that's my underlying server hardware struggling or whether it's something to do with the Nextcloud Databases.

Eh will have to do more testing to see what is going on.

Just came across another text expansion application that works locally rather than from a server (like TextExpander). The app is called Espanso and one of the bonuses on top of privacy is the fact that it is multiplatform. I am super impressed so far. I will have to play with it over the next little while to see how it compares but am happy so far.

The major bonus really is the privacy aspect of it.

Till next time,


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