#93 Musings

Was served an app called NervaIBS which is a hypnotherapy program to help with IBS symptoms. There is a 7 day trial but it does cost aud$99 for 3 months.

It's approximately 15 minutes per day, with the program lasting for 6 weeks. The rest of the time is a so called maintenance mode to help embed the teachings/learnings. Read the inital paper (the author also runs the app), the outcome unsurprisingly showed that hypnotherapy had better results than a low FODMAP diet, the current gold standard. Considering i've tried the low FODMAP diet as well as other medical treatments and they don't necessary work, there isn't a harm in trying hypnotherapy.

Now, personally speaking I am not the biggest fan of hypnotherapy but for the price and the time outlay required I think it's fairly easy choice.

Well Fernandes drawing a blank, knew I should've gone with Gundogan. Oh well it happens. Finges crossed Salah, Son and Kane can give me the points. It'll definitely be a low scoring gameweek for me.

A show I found called Blood & Treasure seems like a fun show. Watched the double first episode and I think I'll add it to the rotation.

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