#76 Musings

Just watched a russian movie called Coma 2020.

It's a Russian fantasy horror film that does quite a good job of telling a compelling story although it is very rough in patches.

The story revolves around the lead character (architect/Viktor) who wakes up in what only can be described as a dream state. We later find out that he is in a coma and that all people who live in a coma exist in a shared reality. They can interact, build and some even have special powers. There are also creatures who are called reapers, very original. They kill/absorb people and are drawn to them.

There are some twists and turns so the movie does have a good pay off even if does feel like you've seen the story before.

Overall, it's all right. It is in russian with english subtitles, but it is also dubbed in english though you know my feelings on dubbed versions.

You can tell its a budget/indie film and at times suffers from some stilted acting and some rought effects. Most the of the movie looks quite good though so praise should be heaped on the special effects teams.

All in all, a satisfying watch for fantasy/horror lovers out there.

Starting summer soccer with a random team on thursday. So that should be interesting. We shall see how I do. Fingers crossed I don't fall apart haha. I'll report back on thursday night.

Till next time,


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