#75 Musings

Just caught another show on Netflix that I enjoyed.

Lupin (Netflix - subscription requried) a French limited series.

It is labelled as a French fantasy adventure comedy series on Wikipedia and I think that's quite accurate. It is dubbed in English though personally always prefer to listen in its original language with english subtitles. I watch mouse movements quite closely and the mismatch between english dubbed and french talking always takes me out of the action.

Omar Sy (Wiki) playing the main protaganist Assane Diop does a magnificent job of portraying a loveable, charismatic rascal.

It has some awesome cinematography (Christophe Nuyens and Martial Schmeltz), the soundtrack is excellent and the acting is top notch.

A really recommended watch, and I would suggest that you watch it in its original French because that is the way it was intended to be experienced. Having said that I know lots of people have issues with reading subtitles in that it takes you out of the action so do what you need to do :-)

Lupin is really just the tip of the content drop that Netflix are doing in 2021. A really massive lineup that looks exciting.

A movie that I am really looking forward to is Outside the Wire starring Anthony Mackie and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. It is a science-fiction war film and looks slick as hell.

If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out here on Youtube.

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