#72 Musings

The QT Hotel in Sydney is just awesome.

Modern, excellent service and while some changes due to COVID still a fantastic experience.

By changes I mean the room service menu, generally very good though recently due to COVID they have a major reduced menu. Presumably due to less people staying etc.

Regardless still a major recommend from me.

Chain Reaction with Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman + a host of others is a quintessential 90s thriller.

A really young Keanu Reeves at that. Some of the actors are definitely phoning it in and not surprised considering the issues with filming in the dead of winter in Chicago.

Got terrible reviews when it first came out and i'm not surprised. Hasn't particularly aged well but regardless some fun to be had. Especially as a movie you don't really have to think in. The twists (if you could call them that) can be seen a mile away.

If you want something on the tv that won't make you think and takes you away from what is happening in the world then this is your movie.

Definitely background movie for me but those serve a purpose.

Currently watching Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts + a small time barely heard of actor named Patrick Stewart :-). 1997 poltical thriller.

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