#71 Musings

Still trucking along. Have not missed a day in 71 days. I think that is a major achievement. My average is hovering around 216 per post which is above my arbitrary limit of 200 so huzzah for me. Fingers crossed I can get through the next 30 without any issues.

Started out on Freecodecamp.org. Looks quite good. Just going through the basics to refresh my knowledge. But to start its been quick, easy and will break up the monotony of Codecademy.

I have also signed up to #Javascript30. Which is more video based tutorial stuff. Not quite as intensive as freecodecamp or codecademy but a useful resource nonetheless.

Those two are both free which is a massive bonus to anyone who wants to dive in quickly. I'd recommend freecodecamp first which will give a strong foundation to then go to #Javescript30.

Have done my coding for the last two days, just keep on trucking on. Make it a habit.

Something that I have learnt is that probably around the 60 day mark is when motivation fatigue sets in. Becomes way more effort, it is at that stage that I need to modify the tasks to be less intensive or easier to just keep the habit going. This is exactly what I did with this writing exercise. I halved my arbitrary limit that I put on these posts. Just to help balance it out with my lowered motivational levels.

Till next time,


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