#8 Musings

I promised myself that I would try and disengage from US politics during during the day to try and avoid any feelings of negativity. Alas even through I turned off socials for the day I was still bombarded with news from heaps of different angles. I feel exactly the same way as I did in 2016, just a malaise. A creeping sense of foreboding, like I am seeing a train wreck unfolding in slow motion. There really needed to be a major win for either side to avoid the inevitable clashes, and I can't imagine if the Supreme court actually needs to decide on a winner, what that would mean for the democratic process in the US. United states no more. I think a name change is in order. The Divided States of America. DSA.

See, I really tried to not be sucked in but no can do. There is almost a sense that it's a black hole.


Moving on to happier pastures, my partner and I inspected a place today and it's really nice. A bit more than we were hoping for but we put in an application and fingers crossed. It's only 5 minutes away from our current place so a relatively easy move. Still have a few inspections to go but I think we will find something that fits us quite well.

Then it's only the actual moving that we have to do, always a joy.

Till the next one!!


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