#7 Musings

Hi Everyone,

Obviously using this platform Standard Notes to publish to the Listed site means that you are problem familiar with markdown. Markdown is such a powerful way of writing, that I really need to use more efficiently. I am still coming to terms with exactly how you can do everything.

The ethos behind Standard Notes is a lofty one, and one of the reasons why I am long term paid supporter. It is such a well designed product and one that is a rarity in the modern digital world. A slightly different take on the note taking genre is Obsidian. It works with a local folder of Markdown files (or a synced folder to online storage), the main pitch is connectivity between notes. That is how your notes and therefore ideas are interlinked and morph into new areas. Free with paid features, I have to say that the experience is quite nice. Their graph view is a fantastic way of showing how your thoughts, ideas and writings link together.

See the below image

As far as I am aware, that just isnt possible within Standard Notes nor do I think it's the market they are going for. I am continually jumping from platform to platform and I have figured out that really I need multiple different niche products rather than a singular encompassing one that does everything. I currently use Todoist for my todo list, Notion for life/financial/food tracking with my partner, Standard Notes for personal writing, Onenote and Evernote for website clipping.

I have always been interested in fiction writing and certainly in my academic career Obsidian would be really useful at creating a distinct connectivity graph of ideas.

I shall explore it and see how and if it fits into my workflow. Hit me up if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading and till the next one,


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