#3 Musings

Hi everyone!!

It's funny but even though I live in Australia my social media is squarely out of the US. I follow, consume and just experience so much US-centric stuff that I found myself being affected quite strongly with what is happening over there.

I am definitely squarely in the liberal camp but I found those political spectrums too constricting. I much prefer evidence-based decision-making unencumbered by ideological blindness. I feel that at times both sides (to varying degrees; the right on average leans more) of the political tend to the extreme and leads to decision-making based off of your own individual ideology.

The world would be a much better place if we based our policy off of what would help the most people as opposed to special interest groups.

The fate of US elections will, of course, impact everyone especially close partners like Australia but I definitely needed to disengage with American politics and the major issues sitting at the root of their democratic systems.

While the big social tech companies need to take responsibility for a lot of negative outcomes, at least they gave us the mute button.

Thanks for reading, and catch you on the next one.


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