#2 Musings

Hi Everyone!!

I have always written with an endpoint in mind. That might be a university report, research report, some sort of professional blog style piece of writing. The twin blades of having complete freedom with what to write can bring its own pressures.

Currently looking at new places to rent (in Sydney) and I am very lucky with the internet speeds that are available to me in the place I am living. Having high-speed internet (Fttp) as a priority for the new place is making it hard as the state of our internet infrastructure in Australia is quite atrocius. Certainly a first world problem but having the luxury of being able upload/download at blistering fast speeds is a massive bonus when building websites and backing up. Notwithstanding the excellent entertainment options that those fast speeds get me. In this day and age where we are working from home, having those fast speeds (as well as rock solid connections) available is definitely a priority. Fingers crossed I can find a place with similar internet speeds.

My entertainment for today was on my new favourite streaming service Shudder, it was the aptly named Castle Freak. It is a 1995 direct-to-video horror film and it certainly fits into the B-Grade horror aesthetic. Low budget and with some extremely campy acting. Enjoyable if you go into with the right expectations. Some excellent gore and special effects though definitely showing its age nearly 25 years later.

Unlike yesterdays Scare Me and The Mortuary Collection which are much modern in every sense of the word, this definitely fits into what those 90s horror films were like.

That's my 200 for today, catch you on the next one.


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