#82 Musings

Had a very relaxing sunday. Sat on the couch and watched the cricket (Australia v India in Brisbane). Then watched the A-League (Newcastle Jets v Macarthur Bulls in Newcastle). All in all just a very lazy sunday. My partner is prepping for a trial and so she went into the office to get some prep work done. Came home around 2 and we had some takeaway burgers for lunch. She went and worked while I continued to watch the cricket. At some stage she got sick of that and came and sat on the couch (with her work) to watch football with me.

Haven't watched WandaVision yet, cannot wait.

My partner and I do watch a show called Death in Paradise. Its ridiculous but a fun easy watch. No thinking required. It doesn't matter if my partner falls asleep during it, you don't have to concentrate. Perfect for those meh night moments when you can't quite be bothered. If you like british crime drama shows, you'll probably like this. It's like Midsummer murders but in the caribbean.

Till next time,


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