#69 Musings

Just watched A Creep show Holiday Special on Shudder. It was directed by Greg Nicotero. Came out in 2020.

The synopsis is - Robert Weston has reason to believe he might be a werewolf, but when he goes to a Shapeshifters anonymous support group, he learns there's something far more sinister than his curse to worry about.


But that something is santa clause.

Absolutely ridiculous but dam it's a bit of fun. Acting is meh, writing is all right but it's just fun.

I am also back to reading. It's definitely a stress reliever for me. Some of those stories are just awesome. I've set myself the low target of 12 books this year because like Alan Baxter said on Twitter. It shouldn't be a challenge, Just read to enjoy it.

If I can't get through 11 books in the next 11 months there's something wrong with me.

Till next time,


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