#67 Musings

Went to a distillery today in Sydney called Archie Rose. Heard they the Papi van Winkle for a really good price.

Had a nip (30ml) of both the 23 and 15 year old.

Have had the 15 year old before but have to say the 23 year old is quite nice. A bottle goes for 3 or 4 grand, so it is up there. Not worth that account of coin though what drink is. I paid $114 for the nip of the 23 year old and $56 for the 15 year old. Ridiculous money but certainly within the realm of possibility.

The 23 year old smelled harsher but tasted better compared to the 15 year old that smelled better but tasted a bit harsher.

Archie Rose is a lovely little place though that if you like good cocktails and some nice drinks, highly recommended. The food they serve is mostly meats and cheeses which are delicious.

Day 3 of 2021 over only 362 to go till 2022.

Till next time,


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