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As I think I've said before, I use Nextcloud as my cloud storage solution.

Now Nextcloud is an enterprise ready and so has an absolute ton of features you might not need, I certainly don't use quite a lot of the features that come with it. There is Contacts, Talk (Messaging app), calendar and many more.

I am running it on my Unraid server in a Docker. You do need some advanced command line skills, and general Docker, database and general Unraid skills. There is a massive community around on the many forums that offer help to any problem you could possibly run into.

It is on premise on my homelab so obviously this poses a few issues considering its located in my homelab and so can be impacted by internet, power and general server issues. Having said that I haven't really had a major problem with accessing my files per se. Like most fully featured storage solutions, you can sync files to your mobile or laptop device so files can be used offline.

They also have all the major desktop OSs like Windows, Mac and Linux. They generally work really well though I did run into a bug where is end to end encryption turned on the windows client will not sync. Unfortunately, the issue won't be solved until a future client release, sometime in March (2021).

Other than that it's been pretty flawless.

One feature that I do love is the photo backup from my android phone. Uploaded directly to my Nextcloud server. I do thoroughly enjoy Google Photos though the privacy implications do concern me. At the moment the Google Photos is an excellent service (which is by design of course). The other feature is creating a shareable link both internally with my other users as well as the ability for public links. Makes it really easy to share screenshots when paired with ShareX.

My entire family does have access though it is a bit harder to get them to use it, as you can imagine. In time though I think the service will become the main way we share docs/photos and other important information more substantial than a message.

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