#49 Musings

So I am looking at working through my media library to help save space and solve my stereo/5.1 sound issue.

I have a number of movies that would benefit from the better compression that h.265 offers, the only question is do I do it manually or should I go through the effort of setting up a system like tdarr that allows me to automate the process?

I am not sure which way I should go, it takes approximately 2 hours for a 1080p film to completely process through.

I think I will put the effort in to set up Tdarr because one of the major bonuses is that I can schedule the encodes during times that I know the server won't be heavily taxed.

I curently subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Shudder and Kayo Sports. In Australia there is also Stan, Britbox, HeyU, and a couple of others that I can't really remember. One of the bonuses is that you can just subscribe and unsubscribe as your budget dictates. I think that, personally, Netflix and Disney+ are must haves. Netflix because well Netflix and of course I am massive MCU and Star Wars fan so no brainer on the Disney+. I'm also a massive horror fan, so Shudder makes my list because well its comparatively cheap for an annual sub.

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