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Crowdfunded a film or more accurately crowdfunded the marketing of it.

The film is called Monsters of Man and it was created, fIlmed, funded by an Australian Mark Toia.

The Indiegogo campaign is still active (Link), and you can rent/purchase the film at all the major streaming sites though Vimeo is preferred Link.

Considering the budget of apparently around a million dollars (assuming Australian), it looks fantastic and feels like it has a much higher budget.

I am very impressed by the visual effects. The robots looked phenomenally good, at times they break down but for the most part, dam. A massive congratulations to the effects teams/companies involved.

The movie plot according to the Vimeo page entry is:

MONSTERS OF MAN is an action-packed, suspenseful sci-fi thriller
That reveals the terrifying dangers of sophisticated AI robotics used for military applications when a corrupt CIA agent (Neal McDonough – Minority report, Captain America, Netflix's 1922 and Altered Carbon) conspires with a robotics company to field test highly advanced prototype robots with the aim of winning a lucrative military contract.

Their plan is to drop the robots into the infamous Golden Triangle to test their battle skills on unsuspecting, but armed, drug cartels that no one will miss. The illegal mission is a disaster, haywire robots slaughter an entire village of innocent people. The brutal massacre is witnessed by a group of volunteer doctors on a goodwill mission, who become the new targets as the corrupt CIA agent needs to witness. Everyone is considered collateral damage when you need to hide the truth.

Definitely up my alley and a recommended watch for any sci-fi and action fans. I am always keen to support Australian movies or at least Australians (this one was filmed in Cambodia).

Here's the trailer

'MONSTERS of MAN' Director's Cut from Mark Toia on Vimeo.

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