#21 Musings

Have moved back to Pop_OS! (20.10).....

I really love linux, I do.

I love the security, and inherent privacy of Linux.

I love choice, i've lost count how many distros i've tried over the years.

Pop_OS! by System76 just works (at least as much as anything just works in Linux).

Their Nvidia integration works quite well (when you actually use the version with it).

Now since most of my platforms are online, moving to linux is quite as onerous as it was in the past. A good web browser like Vivaldi, and away you go.

I just found a solution to my mouse speed issues rather than having to go into the command line and make changes at boot. The program is called Solaar and it does a surpisingly good job at the basics. I use a Logitech MX Master 2s and unfortunately while Solaar can help with speed issues, it cannot help me with the extra buttons.

I love linux but.....

The only thing that I still cannot replicate is screenshotting. I use ShareX and it is phenomenal. Can literally do anything to do with recording your screen. The feature I use the most is the automatic upload to my personal Nextcloud server and copy the resultant share url to the clipboard. It is a literal lifesaver when it comes to capturing and sharing your screen. Hopefully, I can find a similar solution. Hit me up on Twitter if you know of a solution.

Anyway, I'll stick with Linux for a bit more time to see how it gels. Fingers crossed nothing major breaks my workflow.

Till next time,


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