#5 Musings

Hi Everyone,

If you know me, you'd definitely say I am a bit of a horror buff. Not necessarily any particular type of horror but horror in general. Some of my favourites lean towards the comedy side and others to the grisly. I generally just take a movie at face value and really sometimes it's those indie small budget ones that hit home the most. They need to come up with creative ways to solve effects issues be that with CGI or practical effects. Take The Thing (1982) obviously made at a time when CGI was in its infancy and couldn't be relied upon. The majority, if not all, of the effects were practical. You can tell, those effects are grounded in reality and made to look real by decisions made by the various teams involved. Now by no means was it an indie film with a reported budget of US$15 million in 1982 (around US$42 million in 2020 dollars). If you have it or can stream it please do it holds up surprisingly well. I use the Just Watch site to easily see if I am currently subscribed to a service that has a show or movie I want to watch. In Australia this is where The Thing (1982) is available to purchase or stream.

The 2011 film The Thing (2011) is a direct prequel the events in the 1982 version. Again a fun watch but the extensive use of CGI means that ages way quicker than pure physical. Having said that the effects are quite good and the visual teams should be commended.

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